On Your Feet EducationWorkshop

Realize the power of using your whole leg, improving your foundation, and the basics to improve athletics and prevent injuries in this Barefoot Fitness Workshop

Workshop tailored to your needs, includes

  • Basics of Foot Functions, Anatomy, Foot-to-Core Connections, Fascia Connections, Foot-Mechanics
  • Foot Restoration Techniques
  • Foot Tools Testing and Reviews
  • Foot Mapping Demonstration
  • Options for Improved Balance & Coordination
  • Tips to Prevent Common Foot Pains
  • Barefoot Parcour
  • Barefoot Shoe Review
  • PediPower Toe-ga GF Masterclass

Printing Party

In this two-hour casual setting, you will learn about your feet, have your foot printed, get tips on foot exercises and massage techniques, try the latest Barefoot Fitness tools, and see a selection of Barefoot Shoe samples to touch and feel.

Barefooting the Alps

2023 August 11 – 13,  Registration via email

Full Emersion Barefoot Experience Weekend in Switzerland’s unique St. Antönen Valley, in a Boutique Lodging atmosphere

Weekend includes

  • extended version of PediPower Workshop
  • introduction to safe outdoor barefooting
  • coached barefoot tour of Hochmoor area
  • make your own Barefoot Sandals
  • meals created from on-location food sources
  • sauna with cold-plunge bath
  • outdoor hot-tub