PediPower FootFitness

PediPower FootFitness is a dynamic *Toe-ga exercise class to improve and challenge the strength, flexibility, and movement of the foot and toe muscles, and restore foot-to-brain neuro connections.

Mastering this class can revive and realign your feet to their fully functioning status.

*Toe-ga is yoga for your toes

Uetliberg Experience

Experience Zürich’s Uetliberg like never before.

Coached & Guided Bio-Barefoot Tours will stimulate you from head-to-toes, bio-hack your health, ignite your senses, expand your brain, and exercise your feet in a completely natural way.

Barefoot Parcour

Test and train your foundation’s strengths and eliminate deficits with this unique parkour

Experiences and Discoveries Include

  • Individual Foot-Strengths and Toe-Agilities
  • Preheripal  Nervous System’s Reflexes and feedbacks
  • Ankle Flexibilities
  • Knee & Hip Stabilities
  • Balance Challenges
  • Foot-to-Core Control

Barefooting the Alps

2023 August 11 – 13,  Registration via email

Full Emersion Barefoot Experience Weekend in Switzerland’s unique St. Antönen Valley, in a Boutique Lodging atmosphere

Weekend includes

  • extended version of PediPower Workshop
  • make your own Barefoot Sandals
  • introduction to safe outdoor barefooting
  • coached barefoot tour of Hochmoor area
  • meals created from on-location food sources
  • sauna with cold-plunge bath
  • outdoor hot-tub