Your best health comes from a strong foundation




 Start Feet First



Your best health comes from a strong foundation




 Start Feet First



Your best health comes from a strong foundation




 Start Feet First



Your best health comes from a strong foundation




 Start Feet First



Your best health comes from a strong foundation




 Start Feet First



Your best health comes from a strong foundation




 Start Feet First


PediPower FootFitness &  Fix You Feet Information

26.06.2019 @ 18:30

PediPower Workshop @ LuLuLemon Zürich

What is the PediPower Program?

PediPower is a foot fitness program to restore the essential function of your feet

Your feet are your body’s foundation.

They hold you up and carry you, everywhere you go. 

Every step you take vibrates throughout your entire body. 

If your foundation is suffering, your body will too. 

With Functional Feet you will enjoy improved mobility

and athleticism and reductions or eliminations 

of common foot problems, injuries and pains.

Find the Power of your Feet
PediPower 30min Group Fitness
Through conscientiously exercising the feet, PediPower GF conveys how to harness and apply foot strength and neuro-connections to build a strong and safe foundation

Benefits include

  • improved balance, posture, and proprioception
  • restoration of full-body neuro-connections
  • enhanced trainings, athleticism, and power-strength-energy distribution
  • positive body alignment
  • decrease of common foot, knee, and hip pains, and overall sports injuries
On Your Feet 3hrs Workshop
Realize the power of using your whole leg, improving your foundation, and the basics to improve athletics and prevent injuries in this Barefoot Fitness Workshop

 Workshop includes

  • basics of foot functions, anatomy, foot-to-core connections, fascia connections, foot-mechanics
  • foundation restoration techniques
  • options for improved balance & coordination,

  • tips to prevent common foot pains
  • Barefoot Parcour
  • PediPower GF Masterclass
Barefoot Parcour
Test and train your foundation’s strengths and eliminate deficits with this unique parkour

Experiences and Discoveries include

  • individual foot-strengths and toe-agilities
  • Central Nervous System’s reflexes and feedbacks
  • ankle flexibilities
  • knee & hip stabilities
  • balance challenges
  • foot-to-core control
Uetliberg Experience

Personally coached barefoot tour of Zürich’s highest peak


 Discover Zurich’s apex in a stimulating new way, and uncover a unique experience in body-to- brain sensations

 requires approval for participation

Private bookings or Groups to 6 maximum


Contact for more information

Barefooting the Alps
Full Emersion Barefoot Experience Weekend in Switzerland’s unique St Antönen Valley, in a Boutique Lodging atmosphere

 Weekend includes

  • Extended version of PediPower Program
  • Introduction to outdoor barefooting
  • Coached Barefoot Tour of Hochmoor area
  • Yoga
  • Private or shared rooms
  • Meals created from on-location food sources
  • Sauna
  • Outdoor hot-pot


Private Appointments and Personal Coaching
Personalized programs for your specificpains and problem areas
Tailored coaching to achieve your goals

Individualized programs for

  • decreasing or eliminating foot pains
  • decreasing or eliminating Orthotics dependency
  • restoring foundation and foot functions
  • injury preventions
  • improved athletic trainings

 For pre- and post-operative procedures, we can prepare you for an easier surgery, and improve your recovery

How Does PediPower work?

By effectively utilizing your body’s instinctual power you can restore your feet to their intended purpose 


Through activating the strength of your body’s foundation and regenerating imperative sensory feedback connections you’ll unlock improvements in health, mobility, body feeling, fitness and athletic endeavours.


 Enjoy ultimate mobility and physical comfort
and reduce or eliminate body pains and injuries


Fix your footing and discover the benefits of using your whole leg

Where Can I do PediPower?

You can do PediPower anytime, anywhere

Take off your shoes.  Flex and wiggle your toes.  Walk barefoot on safe surfaces.

Feel the power of your feet, and how it resonate through your entire body.



Contact us directly


  • to make a private appointment for assessment and understanding how to fix your feet
  • for personalized Foot Fitness Trainings
  • to book a private Workshop or Group Fitness class

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Georgette Dutoit

Master Barefooter

Barefoot Therapist ∞ Foot Fitness Trainer ∞ Barefoot Hiking Coach ∞ Foot Reflexologist ∞

ASVZ Instructor ∞ Swiss Rowing Instructor ∞ MovNat Certified ∞ willPower Method Certified ∞

Les Mills Certified ∞ SAFS Certified

Growing up walking barefoot over the rugged shorelines of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California,  I could experience and understand the benefits of a sound foundation year round.

In 2010, an accident permanently altered my body, my lifestyles, and threatened my mobility. Doctors and Physical Therapists from Olympic Facilities agreed I would face a lifetime of pain management and orthotic aids.

Through activating my awareness, knowledge, and abilities in the power of the feet, I was able to achieve an unimaginable recovery – without any pain or orthotic support.

The PediPower Program is based on these experiences and evidence from updated findings in science, sports, rehabilitation, and medical studies.

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