Toega Group Fitness

45-minute Dynamic Foot Exercise Class

Build strength & balance
Improve resilience & flexibility
in your FEET.

Lead by an Instructor who can take you through all the moves, you will learn how to activate, strengthen, improve flexibility and reactiveness in your feet.

This Foot Exercise class starts with independent warm up on the Studio’s unique Barefoot Parkour training strip, including natural and challenging textures to wake up your senses and increase circulation in your soles

Your instructor will then lead you through all Toega foot movements giving you tips on how to unlock blocked connections and modify for impact.

You will then be lead through a dynamic sequence of Foot and Ankle exercises that builds strength and balance, and improves resilience and flexibility in your Feet.

Premiere Price for Spring – Feb to May
100chf for *6 classes

*6th class Free
Good for 3 months from date of purchase

Class times:
Wednesday – 12:15
Tuesday – 19:30

PediPower Foot Studio
Bäckerstrasse 22, 8004 Zürich

Toega Movements includes:
Toe coordination Movements to facilitate strength and bone alignment, Ankle Mobility for improved balance, Plantar Fascia loading to help prevent injuries, incorporation of foot-to-core dynamics for overall improved posture and biomechanical efficiency

What is Toega?

Through conscientious exercising of the feet, this exercise class practices how to increase and harness foot strength.
Optimal Foot Strength is needed for every day physical mobility ease and mobility longevity, and best body alignment and posture

This also improves athleticism, trainings, fitness, sports, and physical power.

With strong feet, you can decreasing common sports injuries in feet, knees, hips.

It incorporates foot-leg-core connections to build a strong foundation, improving balance, proprioception, neuro-connections, and overall athleticism.

PediPower Toega class targets fascia loading through digit control, recoil action, and ankle activation movements.

Inclusion of Stimulation Mats (plantar mechanoreceptor stimulation tool) activates brain-body connections to develop and improve proprioception, balance, muscle alignments and posture, resulting in more efficient athletic abilities and muscle control.