About Me

Georgette Dutoit

Growing up walking barefoot over the rugged shorelines of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, I could experience and understand the benefits of a sound foundation year round.

In 2010, an accident permanently altered my body, my lifestyles, and threatened my mobility. Doctors and Physical Therapists from Olympic Facilities agreed I would face a lifetime of pain management and orthotic aids.

Through activating my awareness, knowledge, and abilities in the power of the feet, I was able to achieve an unimaginable recovery – without any pain or orthotic support.

The PediPower Program is based on these experiences and evidence from updated findings in science, sports, rehabilitation, and medical studies.

∞ Master Barefooter
∞ Foot Fitness Trainer
∞ Barefoot Hiking Coach
∞ Foot Reflexologist
∞ ASVZ Instructor
∞ Swiss Rowing Instructor
∞ MovNat Certified
∞ willPower Method Certified
∞ Les Mills Certified
∞ SAFS Certified
∞ FFM Certified
∞ Barefoot Academy Certified