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Gustav-Gull Platz 12 |
8004 Zürich


Ab 1.April in einem neuen Zuhause
Bäckerstrasse 22 | 8004  Zürich
nähe Stauffacher

Closed from 28.03 – 31.03

We are Moving!!

Opened in our NEW LOCATION 01.04 with an updated look, more Space and more urban Style Choices to dave your soles.

See you there


Your PediPower Team
Georgette, Dagmar, Cem

The Future of Footwear

When you come to us, not only will we offer you shoes that make your Feet feel good, we will also help you understand your foot type and introduce you to your best choices.

Functional Footwear gives your Feet the space and movement they need to carry you pain free, and your body the alignment it requires for optimal posture and strength.

Our carefully curated selections of brands are made with the intent to support your whole body from head to toes, and offer the latest trends in Urban Footwear Styles.


Selected Brands

Carefully curated with emphasis on both the latest style trends and timeless classics in footwear fashion, we select our brands from European Shoemakers with ethical standards.  These brands understand and carry the message of local sourcing and fair working condition while keeping quality the focus of their products.

Our Service

At PediPower, we can offer you an overall understanding of the Power of your Feet.

With our Easy Education, Engaging Workshops, Neuro Strengthening Parkour, Foot Fitness Challenges, and Cozy Library corner, you can experience the latest updated Medical, Sports, & Scientific Information about the Power of your Feet.