Natural Alternative for Pain-Free Feet

Your Feet Are Your Body’s Foundation

If your Foundation is suffering, your body will too.

With the right Exercises, Massage, and Neuro-Stimulation, you can eliminate common foot pains, chronic injuries, and avoid Orthotics, Injections, and Surgeries.

Using a fusion of modern biomechanical and traditional Apache methods, together we create a recovery plan for your feet that is right for you.

Through putting this plan into action you can become free from Foot pains and related injuries, transition safely to Barefoot Shoes, and increase overall foot function, physical performance and mobility longevity


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Functional Foot Concept Clinic

Changing the path of Foot Recovery, PediPower’s Concept Clinic offers you all the tools and information you need to fix your feet and save your soles.

Using an approach that includes all aspects of Fundamental Restorative Foot Care, we offer Therapy, Massage, Toega Lessons, Barefoot Shoes for all Shapes, Foot Restoration Tools, Education, and Barefoot Experiences all in one place.

Centered in the heart of Zürich, where progressive ideas
have historically taken root, we aim to change the current status of overprescribed orthotics, unnecessary surgeries, ineffective injections, and anatomically deforming footwear.

Stop by on your way through the neighborhood, during your next visit to Zürich, or along your travels through Europe.