Backed with experience and knowledge, our Therapy Bundles are designed to address the three most common types of foot issues and offer you a discount on the services you need the most.

Bundles will support your long term goals by keeping you engaged and consistent, and expose you to the right mix of activities to help you move forward.

You can buy Therapy Bundles at your first Service with us, or choose our regular Service Options à la carte.

The TuneUp Bundle

You’re relatively active but your feet sometimes feel weak or tight, your toes sometimes feel crushed, and you could improve muscle and agility in your feet.
You’ve decided to transition wisely to barefoot shoes, and understand the need to strengthen your feet.
With a combination of Toega, Massage, and Barefoot Hikes, the TuneUp program will make your feet stronger and smarter in a few months, and support your transition to Barefoot Shoes. 

The Transformer Bundle

You experience chronic pain in your feet, have paused your sports or activities because of foot or knee pains, wear insoles or cushioned shoes.
XRays and MRIs are inconclusive, Injections and Physical Therapy don’t give long term relief. You’ve had foot surgery, or have been told Surgery is in your future.

If you answer yes to any of these, our Transformer Therapy Package is for you.

Over eight months, your feet will Transform to become stronger, more flexible and resilient, better balanced, and sensory strong.
In addition to your Assessment and personalized recovery exercises, you will enjoy regular Foot Fitness and relieving Massages to support your Rehabilitation, as well as Barefoot Sensory hikes to Stimulate and Awaken your Soles. 

The Revive Bundle

You experience mobility limitations due to balance challenges, chronic swelling in the ankles or feet due to lack of mobility or medical illness.

Our Revive program is meant to increase blood flow and circulation, reviving and relieving muscles and assisting nerve and lymphatic flow.

With a focus on movement and stimulation, you’ll learn new tools to decrease your symptoms and manage your conditions, so you can gain confidence in your feet and mobility.